COETAIL Learning Goals

Here we go, three ISTE Standards, of the student kind, which I have based my own learning goals on. These are: Digital Citizen / Empowered Learner / Global Collaborator

Standard: Digital Citizen

My Learning Goal: Is for me to create a learning environment were students have a clear understanding of what it takes to be an upstanding Digital Citizen

Influence and Impact: In my opinion this is the most important of all the ISTE standards, given how much time a lot of students are online and how they communicate. Sure there are plenty of programs out there, with a few new(ish) ones as well from Google, Common Sense Media, UK Safer Internet and so on, but these have a very short shelf life. Most of students, certainly at the last two schools I have worked at, are considered to be digital natives; someone that has grown up in the digital age, so perhaps these digital natives know best on how to act online…Of course this is not the case, and all too often we, as educators, are having conversations with students about something negative that has happened outside of school online, and supporting them to make the correct decisions. It is ongoing, and I think it is only being addressed superficially. The ISTE standard has helped me to develop my goal through teaching students on how to become upstanding digital citizens.

ISTE Standard: Empowered Learner

My Learning Goal: Is to provide students with the confidence to take control of their learning environments and for them to come up with solutions to existing problems.

Influence and Impact: I have chosen this as I want to be able to provide a safe learning environment for my students, were they take ownership of their learning through the knowledge of what they can accomplish. This standard has influenced my goal as I see students using many different technologies/apps/websites to accomplish a variety of tasks; and sometimes these may not be the best fit. By providing them, initially, with different tech options, our students can begin to take control of their learning by selecting the most appropriate tech solution for a give problem.

ISTE Standard: Global Collaborator

My Learning Goal: To provide opportunities for students to collaborate meaningful on a global scale.

Influence and Impact: In 2019 students have the opportunity to learn on a much larger scale than they have ever had before, using platforms provided by, but not limited to, GSuite, Office 365, Book Creator, Wix, Fusion 360, Weebly to name but a few. Services like these, are giving students the chance to collaborate on a multitude of different projects, completed on various devices, working on them at home, in school or on vacation – anywhere, were they are online! Currently, I do provide a lot of opportunities for students to collaborate on a school wide basis, but as mentioned above, I have yet to fully realise the potential to collaborate on a city wide scale – let alone country wide or on an international basis. I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities to create a truly global learning environment for my students – helping them to prepare them for they graduate from school.

Stackable Certificates: COETAIL and GET

Where to get support: Online, Google community, Microsoft Community…COETAIL Cohort 11

Learning Communities

Having completed the Mind-Map, and on reflection, it would appear that the majority of my connections are one way, as in I am a listener  or reader; blogs and podcasts for the most part. However, I feel most connected when interacting with my colleagues and students.  I am a Kinesthetic learner, and learn best when I am doing something, rather than listening or watching; which is paradoxical given how my mind-map looks!. And with that statement, I look forward to learning together here 🙂


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Earlier this year, in an air conditioned office in Shanghai, whilst discussing PD opportunities with my principal, he got very excited about this thing called  COETAIL. So I decided to see what all the fuss was about and look into it.  Initially this took a while as I kept searching for COAT TAIL then COAT TAILS, I mean who names a course after clothing. After not finding the result within the customary 10 seconds, I adjusted my search crtieria and voilà I found it 🙂 It looked interesting enough, but I put it on the back burner for a while until my colleague re-ignited my interest; so, I decided to sign-up.

I have been teaching in a variety of roles for 15 years now and if there is one thing I have learnt is that you can always learn something new from anyone, sometimes useful – iOS 12 has an inbuilt QR code reader in the camera, sometimes not – removing the autosync Office 365 features, sometimes funny – using Storyboard That to make a mock scene of my school briefing but always something different – so why not give COETAIL a go.

I am looking forward to learning from other people in the cohort and sharing some of my experiences and ideas too!

Oh – I have a blog, Techned,  although I’ve been a quite distracted of late and haven’t updated it in a while – check it out here.